About Us

The same reason you're on this site reading this: because, like you, we love pro stock and custom gear.

When we opened our doors in 2010, we didn't have a set vision involving products and profits.  Instead, we did this with a feeling.
You know that feeling.  It's the feeling of stepping out on the ice for the game, rocking some one-of-a-kind mitts or some wheels you've made your own with some nice flop.
We get that feeling too.  We get excited about unique gear, because we play the game as well.

While pro stock and custom equipment is not new to the scene; we're in a time where pro teams are trying to make their dollars go further, as well as help their fans get closer to the game than before.  By being able to own a piece of the show.  

In the pursuit to stay ahead of the wannabes, we spent hours in front of a computer, trolling online auctions and retailers with the search term "pro stock"  'til all hours of the night.  In doing this, we noticed a few things: that the only gear that was semi-decently priced was old, and in looking at it, you could see why it was marked down.  Sure, a pro stock 2002 180 flex plank with a perfect 'L' shaped blade is a steal at $40 for the one guy who happens to like that model/flex/curve, but to everyone else, it's not a bargain at all.

So, we stepped up.  In our first year of operation, we have established ourselves as one of the premier online retailers of pro stock/custom equipment and have built a network of contacts with pro and semi-pro teams, as well as industry-leading manufacturers to bring our players the gear they crave.  Players the world over have come to know PSHG as their one-stop style shop: one of the few places online to pick up some pro stock mitts, white loops for your bucket and some fresh new tongues, all in the same shopping cart.  We are proud to outfit players the world over, because it's nothing short of an honour to be considered the equipment manager of such a diverse  international team.  

 Moving forward, we are excited to keep introducing new products and services to our team.  We're looking to expand to hold appeal to players of all positions and styles, and to continue to give back to the community that has helped us grow thru contests and giveaways.  

Thanks for shopping with us, and stay tuned; just like a talented rookie, we're only going to get better as we grow.
PSHG. Player made.